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Dive Master

Have you ever imagined being a professional diver?

Divemaster course is the first step. With this course, you can enhance your knowledge, experience and skills that you need. In the meantime, being a good divemaster will make you well-informed about how to obtain leadership qualifications required to guide any group that you are responsible for in a safe and secure way.

Additionally, you can help instructors during diving and gain experience for the future if you want to be an instructor as well.

At our diving center in Tekirova, it is important for us to provide the best training for you to be a divemaster or an instructor. For this purpose, we help you assist divers on our ship and guide other divers under the supervision of an instructor so that you can gain required experience and discipline.

To get Divemaster certificate, you have to complete 60 diving sessions.

Requirements: Rescue Diver certificate and 40 registered diving.